Python and SQLAlchemy

A quick example of how to create a SQLAlchemy engine connection string in python.

from sqlalchemy import *
import pyodbc
engine = create_engine("mssql+pyodbc://SERVER\\INSTANCE/DATABASE?driver=SQL+Server+Native+Client+11.0")

Once defined we can use the engine to feed dataframes into our SQL instances such as :

df.to_sql("TABLE", engine, if_exists='append',index = False, chunksize = 200)

Additionally we can run selects from the engine we defined and read that data straigth into a data frame.

df = pd.read_sql_query("SELECT top 10 * from XXXX", engine)

Here is an example of using SqlAlchemy to retieve stock prices and stock in a SQL server database. Example

Ian Fogelman

Ian Fogelman

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